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Welcome to Summer of Color. We're celebrating our love for summer with a new color every month until the end of summer. Stay tuned for you next favorite.

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"I put ice in my bottle at 6 AM and there's still ice in it at 4PM. Need I say more? Awesome bottle. And much friendlier for the environment and your health than those plastic bottles."
What’s the Next Status Water Bottle? Three of our experts named the LARQ bottle as one to watch.
This Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Keeps My Water—And Itself—Cool, Clean, and Fresh
"Ok, probably one of the most expensive bottles I’ve purchased but the quality is there. No leaks, don’t need to push hard to have the mouth piece closed, love the handle, and finally if the water sits for a day or two it doesn’t smell bad in there! My husband whom is always skeptical of stuff loves it too and wants his own. I have tired the filter with the mouth piece, but I love that it has that option."

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