The Science

World's first portable digital water purification system
Rechargeable lithium polymer battery that keeps going
UV-C LEDs last 40x longer than conventional mercury based UV technology

World's first

Portable digital water purification system

LARQ's proprietary and patented PureVis™ UV-C LED technology is the most advanced in the world. We've done the science to help you drink brilliantly.


Eradicates up to 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses in Adventure Mode

Chemical free

Non-toxic way to purify your water and bottle

Mercury & ozone free

World's only mercury-free portable water sanitization system

No replacement filters

One less thing to worry about so you can drink confidently

Power of the sun
When UV light is absorbed, it breaks the DNA's chemical bonds and kills the bacteria or virus

280 nanometer UV light

Is ideal to eradicate germs, triggering a photochemical reaction that destroys their DNA. UV-C light is widely used today in hospitals to sterilize patient room surfaces.
Linear Scale
Log Scale

Antimicrobial efficacy of the LARQ Bottle against E. coli

This purpose of this study was to determine how effective a LARQ Bottle was at killing E. coli at 1-min, 2-min, and 3-min treatments. The LARQ Bottle yielded a log reduction of 3.72 and killed 99.9775% of E.coli at 1 minute. The LARQ Bottle yielded a log reduction of 5.66 and killed 99.9998% of E. coli at 2 minutes. The LARQ Bottle yielded a log reduction of 6.08 and killed 99.9999% of E. coli at 3 minutes.

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UV Light has been demonstrated to be a safe and effective method to disinfect water. UV is environmentally friendly, leaves no residuals and is microbicidal (kills germs).
Dr. David Weber
MD, MPH Faculty - UNC School of Medicine

The dirty truth about your bottle

The dirty truth about your bottle

We put the LARQ Bottle to the test and the results are crystal clear. A cleaner bottle = pristine drinking water.

Stand out from the rest
LARQ Bottles
Regular Bottles
Bottle with filters
Mercury based UV pens
Purifies water
Eradicates bacteria & viruses
Keep bottle clean
Mercury free
BPA & plastic free
Long lasting (>100dk cycles)
No replacement filters
Long last battery (1 month)
LARQ Bottle PureVis™
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