LARQ Bottle Swig Top

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  • AnonymousVerified Buyer

    Very stylish bottle

    Very satisfied, looking beautiful, feels clean and neat.

  • HUSSEIN R.Verified Buyer
     New Zealand

    5 stars

    Just a perfect water bottle for a driver who is on road. It does keep water nice and cool no matter the temperature is. Worth every dollar Thank you

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer

    Great bottle = the best

    I put ice in my bottle at 6 AM and there's still ice in it at 4PM. Need I say more? Awesome bottle. And much friendlier for the envirement and your health than those plastic bottles.

  • Lidia W.Verified Buyer

    My favourite bottle swig top so far!

    I have all 3 colours white- black- green I’m always been asked where I bought my Swig Top Water Holder. I love…, it!

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer
     United States

    Excellent Product!

    Great experience. I use it everyday and also purchased one for my sister and mom.

  • ALFRED E.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Love it!

    I like to cover lid, it locks closed. The build in handle. Mine is just the right size for me. Drinks stay cold long.

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer
     United States

    Good bottle

    I like the bottle and it does keep it cold for a long time. My only little change is the lid section where you open/close. I feel like once you open/close so many times, the fold part might come off.

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer
     Czech Republic

    Very happy with it.

    I am really enjoying it. It keeps the water cool for long and great flow of water.

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer

    Good durability

    Really good nice design ergonomic but lid needs some work

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer


    Love this bottle, keeps water cool and is easy to clean!