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There’s a reason thousands choose LARQ as their favorite travel water bottle.
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What’s the Next Status Water Bottle? Three of our experts named the LARQ bottle as one to watch.
The result is that every glass of water tastes crisp and fresh.
Easier to drink through the straw than other water filter bottles.
You Should Ditch Your Old Water Dispenser For The High-Tech LARQ Pitcher PureVis™.

Summer of color

Welcome to Summer of Color. We're celebrating Summer in a big way with new colors monthly—in extremely limited quantities guaranteed to sell out. Stay tuned for you next favorite.
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Say yes to refills

Save money and make single-use water bottles a thing of the past.

A smart way to sip

PureVis™ and Nano Zero technology improves water quality for a brilliant hydration experience on the go.

Hydrate with purpose

A portion of proceeds supports environmental and clean water projects worldwide.

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Drink brilliantly

We make it easy to opt for the healthier and more sustainable hydration choice, anytime and anywhere.
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Award winning design

When it comes to form and function, we’ve got it down.Shop now
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The future of hydration

PureVis™ and Nano Zero technology improves water quality for a brilliant hydration experience.How it works
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Better for you and the planet

A portion of every purchase helps restore our oceans and brings clean water to communities in need.

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