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  • Enrique O.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Must have hiking companion

    A must have if you’re traveling/walking around. Great companion to your hiking bag pack.

  • Manuel D.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Perfect Protection

    Have an older Larq bottle that I drop CONSTANTLY. This protects your bottle from denting and slipping from your hands. Perfect for travelling and on the go lifestyle!

  • Amy B.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Keep it safe!

    I bought it to protect the bottle from dings and scratches. Does exactly what it claims. The metal ring doesn’t open easily but I just grab it by the leather strap.

  • Kristen S.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Just right!

    The perfect travel companion to keep the Larq bottle looking new.

  • Susan D.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great bottle sleeve

    Sleek and well made sleeve. Attached easily to bottle and protects the bottle as well as making it easier to hold and carry. I travel all the time and must have my LARQ with me, but I want to keep it safe from potential marks and accidents. The sleeve is perfect and I can then easily attach it to my bag for extra security.

  • Gabe d.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Best bottle!

    Wonderful product!

  • Donna L.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great addition

    Great product for the LARQ. I feel secure taking the bottle on the go.

  • Sandra D.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great for car

    Love it

  • Breanna S.Verified Buyer
     United States


    Helps protect my bottle and makes it easier to carry

  • David B.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Travel Sleeve

    Great. helps you hold the bottle and great for Backpack pockets.


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