LARQ Bottle Filtered

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  • Estephany M.Verified Buyer
     United States

    The Cleanest Water!

    This bottle has provided me with the best tasting water wherever I go! Water definitely has a taste and the best water I’ve had has been with my Larq bottle. Definitely worth buying!

  • Meagan R.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Best Filtered Water Bottle Ever!

    I was never one to drink enough water before buying this bottle, but now I do! The best part of using the LARQ Bottle Filtered is that you can fill it up with good-tasting, clean water right from the faucet. I purchased the 25oz bottle which is perfect for everyday use.

  • Nicole l.Verified Buyer
     United States


    I love this whole system. I love the self cleaning capability, the fact that I can fill it up anywhere, and the water has no tap water aftertaste.

  • Trang D.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Lid doesn't close all the way

    The bottle is atheistically pleasing. However, i find that the lid doesn’t close all the way. You also have to use a lot of force to drink the water, but I guess that is just because of the water filter system.

  • Anthony P.Verified Buyer
     United States


    Hey this thing works great, the filter is rather large and limits the volume of liquid it can hold, thats the only thing, it doesn't hold alot but what it holds it keeps cold. KEPT my water COLD after 24 hours of sitting in HOT FL sun baked car.

  • Mary Y.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Filtered bottle/Second Larq

    Very nice. Sleek design…though I’m probably going to cover it with stickers. Don’t have to **** too much to get water through the filter which is really nice.

  • Noemi T.Verified Buyer
     United States


    The bottle is amazing. I bought 2 one for my husband and one for me. Keeps the water cold for hours and y love the straw system. Totally recommend

  • Oscar C.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Love this product!

    Love the design, water tastes great. Really enjoy being able to fill up my bottle anywhere I go!

  • Kevin C.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Tasty water

    The water tastes great, so the filter and pure vis cap (I endedk up going with both), clearly work 👍� The water does stay cold throughout the day as well, so the insulation does it’s job! However, the bottle could use some updates, the filter takes up a good amount of volume, limiting the quantity of water you can hold. The cap also seems to leak water when filled to the top and when opening/closing the straw lid. The straw is definitely difficult to sip out of as previous reviews have mentioned (but honestly not that bad).. the pure vis top does not screw on as easy as I would like. Overall, the bottle is slick and the water is clean and tasty. Just need some design updates 👌�

  • Michaela H.Verified Buyer
     United States


    I have just completed a 3 week long trip across Europe, and this water bottle has saved me so much money, time and struggle of finding the nearest grocery store. I felt safe drinking tap water, it kept it cool, and also looks sleeks! Highly recommend for day to day use, travel and adventures.


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