LARQ Bottle Filtered

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  • Sandy E.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Best water bottle, EVER!!!

    I absolutely detest cleaning water bottles. The self cleaning feature alone made me a very happy woman. I no longer question my water quality after leaving my water over night or a few days. It always tastes nice. Of course, I have been drinking out of this bottle everyday now because it is the best drinking water I have ever tasted!

  • Roderick H.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great product

    It filteredwater from many different types of sources and has a light weight design. And is holding up well.

  • Justin f.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Makes tap water taste

    Easy to use and also makes tap water taste like spring water !

  • Eve P.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Mostly a good product

    The only disappointing fact is that there is too little inside...barely over a large glass. So it is necessary to refuel often. Except this, good product

  • Isaac W.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Taste is great

    It’s been great. Took it with me to Disney where most of the water from fountains tastes very chlorinated or like sulfur and it took it all away and gave me great tasting water. If youre a bottled water drinker this will save you money in the long run.

  • Joanna P.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Travel Highs and Lows

    I travel a lot internationally for work and loved the idea of having a filtered water bottle for my travels instead of having to rely on buying plastic water bottles. So far its been great! I bought one for my boyfriend for a recent trip to the EU and while I hadn't had any issues getting through security in the airports between countries with my water bottle, when my boyfriend went through security in Amsterdam they made him throw away his whole water bottle because they found the filter suspicious and wouldn't let him open it to explain. It's such a bummer because they aren't cheap and we were hoping to have them a long time. Other than that, I'm a big fan.

  • Laura R.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great for travel

    So far it’s been great! I travel a lot for work and have to use the tap water in hotels. I feel safer about the water I’m drinking and it tastes better as well.

  • Tiffany B.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Beautiful bottle!

    I love the look and feel of this water bottle! It makes me feel so much better about drinking water away from my at home water filtration system.

  • Aashish U.Verified Buyer

    Bottle review

    I loved it as the bottle promised as advertised I am looking for more products with a cheaper price

  • Christopher L.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Heavy, but effective

    The bottle has a basic flaw. The UV top doesn't have a filter and the filter doesn't have the UV. You need to purchase both to have the full benefit and can't use them at the same time. I find this to be a flaw.


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