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Active Loop

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  • Jennifer S.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Perfect and necessary

    Besides that it was out of stock for forever this is an essential item for the water bottle. It’s so much more convenient to grab and go. Sadly I got it too late after my initial purchase so I chipped the top of my water bottle on a drop but happy about not adding anymore damage. A little hard to squeeze on but that is normal so it’s secure once it’s adjusted properly.

  • Austin C.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Bottle ordered weeks ago, still hasn’t shipped

    I ordered two bottles weeks ago. The Larq customer portal said it “shipped on 3/23, but as of 4/5 UPS still hasn’t received the package. Larq customer service was emailed a week ago for an update and I haven’t gotten a response, and there is no phone number to call. Thinking of filing a fraudulent claim with my credit card company at this point. The Active Loop is fine, just no bottle to put it on.

  • valyant q.Verified Buyer

    Careful Mates

    It Has 3 key points IMO, Appearance, Protection and Utility Appearance is Great!, smooth and clean Protection, my bottle has been knocked over a few times and it has protected the cap well Utility, it has a Loop/ Carabiner, Mine ripped due to not enough support or structural design, My bottle is 32oz could be too heavy for it when filled up, just putting this out there for possible customers

  • Mary N.Verified Buyer

    Planned obsolescence built into design

    I bought this 3 months ago and while I wasn't 100% confident of the silicone holding a full bottle, it did the job. Over time I've noticed the silicone getting looser and I've had to readjust the positioning often. Today I was walking in the street obviously not watching it and my bottle popped out of the ring sleeve completely with a 3/4 full bottle, fell and chipped the lid. Not happy because now I pretty much can't hold it by the carabiner without being paranoid it will drop any second. Plus, my bottle lid is dented and has a chipped paint :( This loop will work when you buy but be aware it has a short life. Needs a redesign.

    Reply from LARQ

    Hi Mary, We're so sorry to hear this. Our team will be reaching out to you via email to make this right!

  • Valerie P.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great carry option

    This is a great option- especially since I have small hands and the bottle alone is difficult to carry. It makes me a little nervous on my heavier bottle but hasn't failed me yet!

  • Ashley T.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great product!

    Love this active loop! Really helps carrying the bottle and looks great!

  • Cari H.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great accessory for the bottles

    Easy to put on and sturdy. Makes it easier to keep bottle with me, especially if my hands are full.

  • Mark S.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Angry Customer

    One of two items in order. Only received active loop. Still waiting for pitcher.

  • Mario B.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Nice grip!!

    I’m big on protecting my water bottles. Don’t like scratches and dings on it. And this does just that!

  • Robert M.Verified Buyer
     United States

    I would like a black loop

    Well the only problem was I wanted a black loop but there using the white one a put stickers on the bottle 😂


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