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  • AnonymousVerified Buyer

    Bottle Filtered review

    Delivery : quick and neat. Design : the bottle is very pretty and keeps the water cool for a long time. 2 comments though: 1. I find it hard to get water through the straw. An effort is required, unlike mentioned on the website. 2. The bottle is described as 500 ml. But it seems that with the filter included, the capacity is way less. That should be communicated clearly.

  • Sytse J.Verified Buyer

    Great bottle

    I love the bottle. There is only one thing. I dropped the bottle from 1 meter high and there is a dent in it. I thought the Larq bottles were a lot more sturdy. The filter system is great!

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer

    Good quality, fast delivery

    Good quality, fast delivery

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer

    Pretty cool

    The filter does remove some of the taste, haven't tried it on "bad" tasting water. The bottle keeps drinks cool for a very long time and that's awesome!

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer

    Gift for the friend

    I use it by myself and now I’m buying for the gifts

  • Michaela S.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Clean water finally

    Very easy to use and set up. The bottle is very nice looking and very practical as well. I have gotten sick from tap water before but didn’t have many options to use filtered daily. This works great and makes me feel more secure.

  • Cleo C.Verified Buyer


    Like that it filters. Would be great if you could recycle the filters and the straw wasn’t plastic as I worry about micro plastics.

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer
     United States

    So far so good

    My only complaint is that the opening of the bottle is pretty narrow making it hard to add ice cubes to the bottle.

  • AnonymousVerified Buyer
     United States

    Great filter for the design

    I think I would prefer if the top wasn’t a straw (I prefer drinking out of an open top bottle) but it’s comforting to know I have a water bottle that will filter out micro-plastics and heavy metals.

  • MYPUP M.Verified Buyer

    Great bottle but terrible carabiner

    We took two of these on a week of glamping - they bottles themselves are very useful , keep water cold, easy to fill etc. But where the quality lacks is the carabiners: 1. The moving part is very flimsy and moves sideways. 2. The spring in both ours - broke 3. The sleeve slides off over time and blocks the carabiner from open


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