Don’t just filter – purify.

LARQ launches pitcher that purifies water using UV light
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Traditional pitchers simply trap and collect pollutants

Traditional pitchers filter to improve taste, but only trap and collect unwanted pollutants. As a result, the filters become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other pollutants in just 2 weeks—making the filter itself a source of contamination.

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Go beyond filtration with 2-Step Purification

1. Better filtration

Our unique carbon-derived, plant-based filter gets rid of unwanted contaminants like lead, mercury, chlorine, VOCs, and more, leaving you with pure, crisp-tasting water. No compromises here.

2. PureVis™ UV-C LED

What traditional water pitchers are missing is a vital second step–PureVis™ UV-C purification, which eradicates bio-contaminants. Keeping your water as pure as nature intended.


Eradicates contaminants for a perfectly crisp finish


PureVis™ technology keeps your pitcher and water clean 24/7

Intelligent filter
life tracking

Alerts you when your filter needs to be replaced


First-of-its-kind plant-derived filters use 75% less plastic

Don’t just filter–purify.

Inspirational design meets brilliantly pure water–reimagined for your home.
LARQ Pitcher
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