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LARQ Bottle Filtered

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  • Deanna G.Verifizierte/r Käufer/in
     United States

    A good filtered bottle. However......

    Let me start off by saying that this a great filtered water bottle. I've had many filtered water bottles over time and the taste of this one is probably the better tasting one so far. The look of this bottle is very nice. The weight of the bottle is a lot heavier than most. I have small hands so when I fill it up, it's quite heavy. I did purchase the sleeve to go with this bottle and it does help. The filter inside is bigger than most filters and when you fill up the bottle you can only fill it half way or the water will overflow. I feel that I'm getting the whole 25oz. It's hard to tell how much water to fill it up to before it will overflow once you put the filter inside. All in all, this is a good bottle. I'll keep using it.

    Reply from LARQ

    Thank you for your review, Deanna! We appreciate your feedback!

  • Jennifer C.Verifizierte/r Käufer/in
     United States


    Better taste the others used!

  • Tia R.Verifizierte/r Käufer/in
     United States

    Best water bottle!

    I love this bottle so much! I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know.

  • Katy B.Verifizierte/r Käufer/in
     United States

    Live at first taste!

    LOVING them!

  • Guy H.Verifizierte/r Käufer/in
     United States

    Awesome bottle

    So sleek and minimal

  • Mary M.Verifizierte/r Käufer/in
     United States

    Overall, great bottle!

    Bottle is awesome, but it’s pretty heavy when it’s full.

  • Estephany M.Verifizierte/r Käufer/in
     United States

    The Cleanest Water!

    This bottle has provided me with the best tasting water wherever I go! Water definitely has a taste and the best water I’ve had has been with my Larq bottle. Definitely worth buying!

  • Audrey A.Verifizierte/r Käufer/in
     United States

    Best water bottle

    I love this water bottle. Keeps my water cold! I’ve put ice in it in the past and the ice doesn’t melt. It’s become my favorite bottle and I never run out of water anymore. My kids love it too. Only issue is the bottle dents and paint chips if it’s dropped. Only a cosmetic issue though and I’ve had no issues with the actual filter or bottle. The water tastes great and it’s convenient to have a portable water filter.

  • Meagan R.Verifizierte/r Käufer/in
     United States

    Best Filtered Water Bottle Ever!

    I was never one to drink enough water before buying this bottle, but now I do! The best part of using the LARQ Bottle Filtered is that you can fill it up with good-tasting, clean water right from the faucet. I purchased the 25oz bottle which is perfect for everyday use.

  • Charles S.Verifizierte/r Käufer/in
     United States

    So far not good

    Terrible. The water hardly comes through the straw. I have to **** on this thing pretty hard to get the water to come through the straw. It's not smooth at all and sort of drips, leaks. I'm actually looking to send it back for a refund or, another bottle that works properly.


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