LARQ Bottle Filtered

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  • Kristjan S.Acheteur vérifié

    Does exactly what is promised

    Nice build quality, feels great in hand. Looks nice and most important, cleans water and can drink tap water.

  • Linda M.Acheteur vérifié

    it's really cool

    super comfy pop out straw, love the carabiner, everything is very high quality, surface is a bit rough and clinky, i'd live to get a rubbrr sleeve, but it seems like they don't go with the pop top. it's a bit heavy, even without the filter, but i like it a lot.

  • Nikki A.Acheteur vérifié

    Great Purchase

    Great and Easy to Use. A bit hard to sip from the straw cap but overall great bottle.

  • Stefani C.Acheteur vérifié

    Love this bottle for travel!

    I have one of the first Larq bottles with the UV cap, and now added the cap with the filter, and this makes it the best bottle hands down for travel!

  • AnonymousAcheteur vérifié

    Water always fresh and tasty

    Does exactly what promoted. Only downside: normal tap water is not good enough anymore.

  • Paul M.Acheteur vérifié

    Beautifully crafted

    The quality of both the design and construction are simply spectacular. The way the filter fits together, for example, or the way the lid screws on. It’s… “fine.” Everything is very fine and precise. But more critically, the filtering is extremely good.

  • CARLI M.Acheteur vérifié
     United States

    my new go-to

    I love being able to fill this water bottle at any tap. My gut is very sensitive to tap water when I’m traveling even if it’s potable, so this bottle filter has been a life saver.

  • AnonymousAcheteur vérifié

    Larq experience

    Filter was hard to mount: otherwise great! Loved the design, good insulation and space. High quality bottle.

  • Tamas E.Acheteur vérifié

    tasty water from the tap

    Luxorious design and quality, which makes the tap water tasty (and healthier).

  • AnonymousAcheteur vérifié

    I wanted to love this

    I loved the idea of this and really wanted to love it, but I find it extremely hard to sip water out of the bottle. It takes too much effort for a small amount of water. Otherwise, The customer service was awesome when I originally bought the wrong bottle. I don’t see myself using this bottle often at all.


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