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  • Ioannis S.Comprador Verificado

    Where’s my order?

    I’ve been asked to leave a review for an item I haven’t received yet. So there you go… by the way it’s been 8 days now, where’s my order?

    Reply from LARQ

    We're sorry to hear this, Ioannis! Our team is reaching out now to help.

  • Robert C.Comprador Verificado
     United States

    Great - the only pitcher I'll ever need!

    I've tried several pitchers over the years - Britta, Zero, built-in to my Samsung refrigerator. This is clearly the best ever! The design is nice, and for whatever reason to flavor of the water is outstanding. Knowing that any bacteria or viruses, whether initially in the water, in the pitcher, or that grow after I fill it are getting zapped is reassuring. The filter itself seems to be the most compact and easy to change. And the self-opening hopper is great for refills. And fits nicely in my refrigerator for cool refills. Very happy!

  • Brian K.Comprador Verificado
     United States

    Super Awesome

    I’ve only used it for a few days so far but I love the minimal design and I can tell it’s a well crafted product. Love the care that went into making all the parts perfect

  • Rachel P.Comprador Verificado
     United States

    Love everything about this pitcher

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my Larq pitcher! It’s so thoughtfully designed and the water tastes great. I love the UV sanitizer feature, something I’d never thought I needed but now I’m so glad I have it. The fact that it doesn’t have a lid that is constantly falling off when using it is another huge plus.

  • Luna R.Comprador Verificado
     United States

    Great so far just some feedback

    Great. I have loved my larq pitcher. Its really beautiful. The only thing I would like is if the spout that pours into you drinking glass was a bit more defined. The pouring lip right now sometimes drips and I have to wipe my counter surfaces, which is a little frustrating.

    Reply from LARQ

    Hi Luna, We appreciate your early support and thoughtful feedback on the LARQ Pitcher. We heard you, and have made some small changes to the lid that will rectify the pour spout issue you’ve raised in all future Pitchers. Our team has reached out, please email us at your earliest convenience to coordinate a replacement lid. Our team is always striving to make things right and we are happy to replace any lids that are having this issue. If there are other LARQ supporters experiencing this issue, please reach out to and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • Fabiana A.Comprador Verificado
     United States

    We stowed away our Brita the day this baby arrived at our doorstep

    We stowed away our Brita the day this baby arrived at our doorstep. It's been nearly a month since we've used it and we prefer Larq in every aspect. From its refreshing taste to its sleek luminescent design. It got my boyfriend drinking it who would often purchase bottles of Fiji. Our only complaint is we wish it is bigger!

  • Kelly W.Comprador Verificado
     United States


    I have had this product for approximately a week and i am loving it. It is easy to put together and charge. The taste of the water is excellent. I have used other water pitcher product and the LARQ pitcher far exceeds others.

  • Robbie H.Comprador Verificado
     United States

    Excellent all the way around!

    This water pitcher is great! After using Brita for decades my wife and I decided to back Larq on Kickstarter. Best decision a made - the filter system stays out of the water and the way you fill the pitcher is much easier than having to pry off the top and then push it back on after filling. The pitcher looks beautiful too - and the UV light turns on when you fill it and it looks really cool! We also backed the large Larq water bottle and it's great too - holds 1L of water and has a UV light in the cap. Overall, we're very satisfied with our purchase. 👍

  • AnonymousComprador Verificado
    United States

    Good So Far

    So far so good. Great to have the filter and the UV light but it would be great if the filter can remove fluoride also. Does the UV light really killed the germs or just lights up to look nice???

  • David S.Comprador Verificado

    Great Product

    Very happy with product. Definitely quality and very innovative. Water is very tasty and confident that it is well filtered and protected from bacteria. The app is an interesting bonus that I think has me more engaged in hydrating consciously. Good for the environment as well. A very close second to my bottled water Aqua Pana but far more convenient and a good compliment. Highly recommended.