LARQ Bottle Twist Top

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  • AnonymousComprador Verificado

    Best water bottle

    Amazing product. Actually keeps the heat for hours on end and doesn’t ever spill.

  • AnonymousComprador Verificado

    Amazing service & great bottle

    I had a damaged bottle delivered to me at first, but the support immediately responded, sent me a new one free of charge and took my advice and added extra padding. I've never had this kind of experience with any company where they are that helpful that fast and listen to your feedback! As far as the bottle goes it's very good and keeps the drink cold for a long time.

  • AnonymousComprador Verificado
     United States

    Larq pure vis bottle

    I love my bottle. The color is classic and beautiful. The built of the bottle is fantastic and charging is a breeze I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Matteo N.Comprador Verificado
     United Kingdom

    Great Bottle

    Amazing bottle. Design and the granite colour is amazing. The bottles detail and quality is super and the taste is another whole story. Would highly recommend this bottle to anyone. You can really drink brilliantly.

  • Brittney H.Comprador Verificado
     United States

    Great bottle!

    Keeps water extremely cold and it's beautiful. Light weight.

  • Samarah S.Comprador Verificado

    mixed emotions

    I was SO excited for my LARQ water bottle to come in. When it arrived, I was so happy with the beautiful colour and sleek design. However, I have had this bottle for less than a month and there's already scratches all over it ??? I don't understand why they won't get off and they're extremely visible because of the colour so I am a bit upset...

  • AnonymousComprador Verificado
     United States

    Great botttle!

    I have enjoyed being able to drink filtered water wherever I go.

  • AIDAN D.Comprador Verificado
     United States

    The Ultimate Water Bottle

    This bottle has everything you would would in a water bottle. The only thing I have a problem is that it scratches fairly easily. Definitely worth the money though.

  • AnonymousComprador Verificado

    simply great

    i am very happy with my larq bottle twist top! it's light weight, keeps my water cold all day, does not leak, the opening is perfect for easy cleaning and drinking w/o spilling and i just love the color combo (light pink) 💖

  • Dean Y.Comprador Verificado


    Easy and best tasting water ever. Great for traveling