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  • Vlad G.Comprador verificado
     United States

    Brilliant design

    Probably and hopefully the only water bottle I’ll ever need in my life. Who doesn’t love clean, good water in a stylish container?

  • Laura T.Comprador verificado
     United States

    Great Bottle

    Almost everyone I know should drink more water and this bottle makes drinking water easier. No-brainer purchase. Your body will thank you.

  • Tina M.Comprador verificado
     United States

    Review by Tina M.

    Super easy to use .love that it cleans and filters the tap water, my water has been tasting terrible, since I bought the larq bottle my water taste so much better and I'm drinking more water.

  • Giacomo C.Comprador verificado

    Water? Press one and done

    The Larq bottle has been a monumental shift in drinking water as compared to a traditional bottle. Some of the highlights include uvc tech, less bottle cleaning, keeping beverages cold/hot. The only downside i’ve seen is the need to wash the lip of the bottle, but its not a big enough one to bring down this review. Thanks Larq!

  • Susan O.Comprador verificado
     United States

    I love my Larq!

    As has been said many times, the Larq bottle is as pretty as it is useful. I bought it because I believed the advertising that it purifies itself and the water in it. Nonetheless, I bought a test kit to verify the claim. And the results were as I’d hoped. It really does purify ordinary tap water. Well worth the purchase price.

  • Emily L.Comprador verificado
     United States

    Absolutely love it

    I bought this for my boyfriend who is an avid hydrator but also notorious for never washing his water bottle. The sale suits him perfectly and MAN does this thing work. Thinking of grabbing another one for myself, it makes it so much easier to keep it with you all day.

  • Nicholas K.Comprador verificado

    Second Purchase!

    I absolutely love this bottle! I lost my first one on a trip out of state and it was never found. I had to take advantage of the backer discount to get myself another! Worth every cent!

  • MICHAEL -.Comprador verificado

    Amazing! That is all.

    I’ve been using my Larq for about 2 weeks now and only have good things to say. Not only does all water taste better (and yes I did a tap water before and after taste test), but I have used this on ice tea, ice coffee, kombucha, juice, and other things to see if there would be a difference. Yes, there absolutely is, and it’s great. I haven’t bought a plastic water pottle in 2 weeks. LARQ #winning

  • Chana Z.Comprador verificado

    Worth every penny!

    I love my LARQ bottle. Before I got it, I didn't like to drink tap water, which tastes a bit chlorine-y where I live. Now it tastes great and the bottle is always clean. The only thing I don't like about it is that I can't drink from while I'm driving because I can't open it with one hand, even when it's sitting in the cup holder.

  • Angeles C.Comprador verificado

    Priceless peace of mind for a mom to be

    I received my bottle about 3 weeks ago, and I’ve really been enjoying it! It vastly improves the taste of water. But even more importantly, I found out shortly after receiving my bottle that I’m pregnant. The peace of mind from knowing the water I’m drinking is as clean as possible is priceless.


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