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LARQ Bottle Filtered

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  • Aaron C.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Pretty fantastic!

    The build quality and feel of this thing, and the size of this larger version, is just awesome. The only knock to me is ******* through the straw is not as fast as expected, you’re definitely ******* through the filter, but it’s fine once you get used to it. I’m nitpicking. I love the bottle and plan on using it a long time.

  • Erica H.Verified Buyer
     United States


    Love the filtration and purification bottle cap! Great for travel!

  • John C.Verified Buyer
     United States


    I like my LARQ but I tend to add ice to my water but it's very hard to do because of the filter.

  • Aditya A.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great bottle

    Great bottle but purevis cap should charge via usb c

  • Alexandra C.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Beautifully Designed

    Easy to use, great size, fits in a standard cup holder, keeps drinks cold. Very modern looking design - 10/10 recommend.

  • MBXLP B.Verified Buyer
     United States

    The water just feel different ...

    so delicious to sip

  • Ryan D.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great bottle. Probably should have gotten a darker color.

    Great product and someone complimented it already. I hope they make a larger one. I think the matte finish collects dirt more than a shiny finish would and the white shows it, but it's also attractive and tells me I need to clean it.

  • Sonal J.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Waterbottle - difficult to sip water but shape of bottle is good

    I find it very difficult to sip the water. It takes a lot of energy to sip the bottle. Like sometimes I have to open up the cap and then drink it. Its not worth the price i feel Highly dissapointed

  • Steve T.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great New Bottle

    My new go to water bottle. I love the integrated filter in the straw.

  • Maria J.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Good but straw doesn’t work

    Ok. but the inbuilt straw doesn’t work(in 2 diferente bottles I tried)! Quality seams good. Got the different cap one with the green light, but the using it is complicated, too many ‘push downs’ to get it to do its thing,


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